For over twenty years, we have strivin to bring quality products to national television at prices as near to "free" as was possible while sharing what we knew to be important information, along with a little real life humor. The HoppinMadHillbilly and the Hillbilly Broadcasting Network now add to that history with new programing....some shows will share  cool little nuggets of life that are interesting, fun and helpful...some programs will have insightful information which may save you and your families lives. Be sure and tune in* each Saturday evening at8pm eastern, on YouTube Live and afterward on

Come on over to the web site every chance ya get 'cause its a place goo-goo'ers to grannys will enjoy! PRIZES! CONTESTS! INFORMATION! GAMES! KIDDY'S KRAZY KARTOON KORNER! MOVIE OF THE WEEK.......FABULOUS PRODUCTS FOR EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY.....AND MORE!!

Hope to see all of our hoppinmadhillbilly long-time friends tuning in and we are looking forward to makin' a bunch of new "friends of the hillbilly" .  It sure is an honor to have you guys and gals as friends and i look forward to kickin' it with yall again. Spread the word....THE HOPPINMADHILLBILLY's GONNA BE BACK SOON!

*Regular programming begins on or about October 31, 2016.